Why Elements Meals?

You are an athlete because life is the sport.

At Elements, we make high-performance food to fuel YOU… because you are the primary field of play.

In a single day, your uniform may include a business suit and training gear. And your arena may be the office and the gym. Whatever you are doing, your uniform and venue are secondary fields of competition.

you are the primary field
of play

These days, when a goal seems hard to achieve, it’s popular to talk about hacks, shortcuts, workarounds, and even accepting supplements or replacements for the “real thing.” Elements are none of these.

We bring you back to food: The real thing from Mother Earth.

You will love how our food is easy to carry, doesn’t spoil, needs no prep time, and is proportioned to give your body the macronutrients it demands. But those are just features. The benefit is that no matter what the day throws at you, you are ready! You know your nutrition is handled. You can eat well anytime, anywhere YOU choose.

let us fuel your

Elements athletes

Chris Spealler

7x CrossFit Games Individual Competitor


“Meal prep takes too much time, yet my body still needs nutrition. Elements feeds the beast!”

Melissa Hartwig


“Elements are THE missing link in Whole30 on-the-go meals! They’re totally portable, won’t spoil and can be whipped up in two minutes flat on a road trip, at the campsite, or in any hotel room.”

Slade Heathcott

Former New York Yankees Outfielder


“If you are an athlete or a person on the go, Elements is a game changer providing nutritionally dense fuel to achieve your goals and dreams !”

Charlie Engle

Ultramarathon Runner


“Elements’ vegetarian meals power and fuel my body during my runs.  Elements is at the forefront  in the intersection of food science and nature.”