Broccoli Cinnamon Pork


A somewhat untraditional combination of foods and flavors, CBP is a favorite among Elements customers.  Naturally raised pulled pork is braised with a complex of cumin, cinnamon and smoked paprika. A dash of ground chili pepper is added to organic broccoli and butternut squash to round out the meal’s texture and nutritional profile.


What’s In The Bag

Each of our meals contain fresh herbs, sensational spices, delicious taste, key nutritional elements, and self-respect.

What’s Not In The Bag

We avoid any preservatives, artificial colors & flavors, soy, milk, gluten, unnecessary carbs, shame, or guilt.



Freeze-Dried Cooked Seasoned Pulled Pork and Binder Product (Pork, Potato Extract, Salt),* Broccoli,* Butternut Squash,* Dried Egg Whites, Garlic, Cinnamon, Ground Chili Pepper, Cumin, Smoked Paprika, Salt, Black Pepper. | Contains: Eggs | *Freeze-Dried | NET WT 2.22oz (63g)

What Others Are Saying

Chris Spealler

7x CrossFit Games Individual Competitor


“Meal prep takes too much time, yet my body still needs nutrition. Elements feeds the beast!”

Quincy Whimpy

Fitness and Nutrition Coach


“One of the biggest pain points of the people I coach is how to keep their macros on track when away from home. Elements makes it easy!”

James “Iron Cowboy” Lawrence

Two time world record holder


“This stuff is good enough to eat dry!”

Stephanie Brewster

Fitness and Figure America Pro


“I don’t like cooking or washing dishes and Elements satisfies both of those Achilles heels for me!”

Preparation Instructions

Take a minute to watch this short HOW-TO video to ensure that your first eating experience is a good one.

1. Shake

Shake the bag containing your Elements meal to mix the ingredients, as spices tend to settle at the bottom.

2. Heat

Heat 1 cup (8 oz.) of water to boiling. Hot tap water will not do.

3. Pour

Remove the oxygen packet, pour 1 cup hot water in the open bag…

4. Rehydrate

Let the meal rehydrate for a MINIMUM of 12 minutes, turning the bag over and mixing the meal periodically.

5. Open

Open the meal and take your first bite. If the texture is slightly spongy or crunchy, it may need a few tablespoons of hot water and another minute or two of hydration time.

6. Enjoy!

Now go and enjoy your meal!

We call it Nutritional Liberty™

Take Them Anywhere

Airplane, mountaintop, office, car, home, Mars, you get the idea. For the first time, you have access to wholesome and macronutrient based real food in a transportable pouch that doesn’t spoil or weigh down your purse, backpack, briefcase, or gym bag.

Your Nutrition Time, Respected.

No need to use precious time shopping, purchasing, prepping, cooking, or cleaning up. Spend your daily “nutrition time” doing one thing, EATING world-class food. Period.

You’re Ready

No matter what your day throws at you, you rest easy knowing your nutrition is covered.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Elements Team thanks you for your support and trusting us with your nutrition dollar to provide you world class, high-performance earth food! We are excited to fuel your inner athlete. As a food industry game-changer and innovator, we are keenly interested in your experience with Elements Meals for Athletes. We stand behind our Meals 100% and with you, too.

If you are not completely satisfied with any Elements Meal for any reason, please contact us. Let us help your experience by sending you a replacement meal of your choice FREE.