Why Elements Meals?

The perfect blend of fresh whole foods in just the right amounts.


Nutrition Captured

Our ingredients are harvested at the zenith of their nutritional life and flash frozen, capturing all nutrients, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, enzymes and more. Then transported at -10 degrees Fahrenheit to our freeze-drying facility in Utah.

Nutrition Preserved

Our ingredients are freeze-dried. This process has been scientifically proven to be the best nutrition preservation technology in the world, bar none. It even preserves the integrity of cell walls and nuclei. Amazing. Our food is ALIVE!

Nutrition Delivered

Our ingredients are carefully placed in BPA-free pouches that keep out the sunlight, oxygen & moisture, ensuring a 3-year shelf life! Simply add 1 cup hot water, wait 12 minutes, and enjoy a farm fresh, nutrient-rich meal.

Benefits of Elements Meals

You will love how our food is easy to carry, doesn’t spoil, needs no prep time, and is proportioned to give your body the macronutrients it demands. But those are just features. The benefit is that no matter what the day throws at you, you are ready! You know your nutrition is handled. You can eat well anytime, anywhere YOU choose.

These days, when a goal seems hard to achieve, it’s popular to talk about hacks, shortcuts, workarounds, and even accepting supplements or replacements for the “real thing.” Elements are none of these.

We bring you back to food: The real thing from Mother Earth.


Stan's Story And The Rise Of Elements Meals

Stan Graham is the second of 9 children. Growing up and working on small farms in Idaho, his parents made sure he learned the values of hard work and physical health. Raising the food they ate, these lessons rooted themselves deep into Stan’s heart and mind. Stan’s lifestyle stayed true to those lessons for decades. Committed to sustainable health and longevity, he was vigilant about his daily nutrition and physical conditioning.

But at the age of 52, Stan suffered multiple devastating shoulder injuries, leading to more than a year of failed surgeries and the possibility of losing the use of his arms. Losing his health, he knew that lasting recovery would require years of determined commitment.

Stan realized that his way forward was through an audacious goal: breaking the world record for the 50+ men’s mile run. He knew that this would require the highest level of commitment to both training and nutrition.

Training he would handle with a professional coach. His nutrition, however, was another matter. It not only had to be the very best quality, but it also had to be truly simplified and convenient … perfectly created to support his commitment to heal and adapted to his on-the-go lifestyle. Was that kind of whole food nutrition even possible?

No, it wasn’t. Stan’s search for the elusive nutrition solution proved futile. He simply couldn’t find what he needed: “Just fresh farm food in a bag, with no garbage; meals that I could eat anytime I wanted, anywhere I was.” So, he set out to make it.

Sharing his vision with his partners, and after years of research and development with a world-class team of food scientists and nutritionists, Stan and his team produced a revolutionary whole food nutrition solution that is now available to all.

Join us! Taste and feel the power of our fresh, whole food meals!

Health Benefits of Elements Meals

Healthy Fats*

We use premium avocado and coconut oils, widely known as healthy fats with many health benefits, from protecting your heart to defending against certain cancers.

Potent Antioxidants*

Our whole food ingredients are packed with free-radical-fighting antioxidants, which studies show help fight inflammation and reduce your risk of chronic disease.

Reduces Inflammation*

Chronic inflammation is the single largest cause of most chronic disease and autoimmune states. Healthy fats and whole food antioxidants help lower inflammation and levels of chronic illness.

Heart Healthy*

Our selected whole food meals are low-glycemic and help keep your heart healthy, fight high blood pressure, and protect against strokes.

Boosts Brain Health*

Studies suggest that whole food nutrition improves cognition and even protects against amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Balances Blood Sugar*

Many studies show that low glycemic, whole food nutrition balances blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, reducing risks of excessive weight gain and obesity.

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