The Benefits of Vitamin C

Check it: Dietary intake of vitamin C lowers the risk of prostate cancer.

A 2015 review of 18 studies, with a total of 103,658 subjects, found that increasing dietary intake of vitamin C -- from whole food – lowers the risk of prostate cancer.

The authors found that vitamin C plays a role in "the chemoprevention of cancer, due to its function as a scavenger of free radicals," as well as "the role in the recycling of vitamin E and in reducing oxidative DNA damage."  Humans cannot synthesize vitamin C.

We must ingest it from a dietary and/or supplementary sources. The bioavailability (getting nutrients to cells) of vitamin C from dietary sources (fruits and vegetables) is markedly higher than from supplement sources.

Elements meals are a great source of dietary vitamin C!

(Association between Dietary Vitamin C Intake and Risk of Prostate Cancer: A Meta-analysis Involving 103,658 Subjects, Journal of Cancer, 2015 Vol. 6, Issue 9, pp 913–921).  See

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