Steven I Inspired Me

Steven I: Here’s the rest of the story. Steven, from Washington state, sent me the following after he read my last 2-Minute Tuesday email:

"Hi Stan. Just a thought: I realize you are selling meals for athletes, but you have a secondary clientele; people like me with Multiple Sclerosis or chronic fatigue syndrome, for whom cooking meals [is] physically exhausting. Anyway, thanks for the excellent work, every day I now have a healthy lunch."

In Elements’ view, Steven is an athlete because he is winning in some very competitive venues … he is showing up: family, profession (VP of one of the fastest growing companies in Washington), daily health and fitness discipline, world travel, and more.

Why are these athletic qualifiers? Because Steven is making his best life while his daily grind includes dealing with Multiple Sclerosis (he walks with two canes), Celiac disease, last year’s stroke, and severe food allergies.

During our conversation, Steven told me how his nutrition used to be a constant battle. Many mornings, the thought of preparing his meals for work was overwhelming. He found his solution when he found Elements and he’s been eating one a day since: in the office, during a flight Down Under in an $11,000 first class seat (the stewardess plated the meal for him), in China, the Philippines, Hawaii … and no challenges with airport security anywhere.

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