New Meals Focus on “Inherent Fat" Meals

Time to bring you closer in on this new Elements Meal … since we are producing this week and shipping early next week! (We had last minute and unforeseeable USDA hoops to jump through … they’re such a delight to work with … uh, right).

I’ve learned first-hand that giving a cumbersome government bureaucracy something completely new to work with is asking for challenges. What Elements is making is worth it! Bringing you the very best of whole food nutrition in a simple bag belies the amount of work necessary to make such a product a reality.

Anyway, Country Herb Chicken represents a fun, new, cutting-edge approach to the Elements Meals Menu; whole food meal options with no added fat independent of the whole food ingredients. This is a very cool variation on our other meals that do include healthy fats in addition to natural fats inherent in our animal proteins.

To me, Country Herb Chicken is our "comfort food" meal. It’s the meal that feels like the proverbial Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house. It’s russet potatoes and chicken are held in a thick, naturally occurring "sauce" made as the potatoes and avocados combine with green beans and mushrooms.

Mmmmm good.

The underlying herbs include parsley and a hint of dill, with other great flavors coming from garlic and green onions. The macros are phenomenal, too: 36 grams of protein (white meat from naturally raised chickens), 10 grams of healthy fat from the avocados and mushrooms, and 19 net carbs contributed primarily by russet potatoes, green beans, and 6 grams of fiber.

Dang! My mouth is watering. You’ll love this one. I think it’s going to be a tribe favorite! Heck, order some and feel the love! You can view the ingredient list and nutrition chart here.

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