How to Avoid the Whole30 FAIL

Hey Whole30-ers!

The Holidays are here. That means family, friends, fun ... and food.  It also means your January Whole30 is right around the corner! Elements Meals is here to help you prepare now for success in January by avoiding the biggest Whole30 FAIL.

At Elements, we’ve been closely working with several of Whole30’s top Certified Coaches— those fabulous people who help their clients succeed with their individual Whole30s. Whole30 Coaches are always ready to share their knowledge and experience, while inspiring personal accountability, and empowering you to reach your Whole30 goals. After all, every Coach is a Whole30 success story.

But wait a minute. You may be asking yourself, “Why has Whole30 created a coaching program anyway?” And more to the point, “Why do I need a coach to do my Whole30?” Fair questions.

Look at it this way: Whole30’s coaching program is powerful evidence about how challenging your Whole30 can be. Ask anyone who has completed, or even tried, a Whole30 – it’s a significant 30-day commitment that takes you out of your physical and mental comfort zones.

In fact, Whole30 failures are sufficiently numerous that Melissa Hartwig addressed the fact head on. She identified the most common reasons your Whole30 hasn’t worked for you in the past. In Whole30’s April 9, 2018 Newsletter, Melissa wrote:

“…the most common reason for the ‘failure’ of the Whole30 is You Didn’t Do It Right.”

We decided to drill down on this statement – “you didn’t do it right” – and talk to Whole30 Coaches about their personal experiences to get their input about their clients’ most common Whole30 fails.

What we learned created crisp clarity. It also helped us identify some very simple, practical, and powerful “nuts and bolts” actions that will help you conveniently and effectively accomplish your January Whole30 goals.

Cooking vs. Eating

We first spoke with Andrea Martinez-Overturf, a remarkable woman and one of Whole30’s first Certified Coaches. (In fact, Melissa reached out to Andrea and asked her to be one of Whole30’s first coaches.) We asked Andrea pointedly, “What is the most common reason your clients’ fail with their Whole30?” Here’s what Andrea said:

“My clients need a simple and convenient way to prepare and eat a Whole30 compliant meal when they’re on the go, or when they don’t have access to a kitchen. This is the most common reason for Whole30 failure.”

Next, we reached out to Debbie Marlow, a wonderful Whole30 Certified Coach from Tampa, Florida. Responding to the same question, she said this: “I believe to make a serious lifestyle change your Whole30 should focus on cooking/assembling whole, natural foods.”

This makes total sense, right?

It explains why Melissa writes superlatively instructive and beautiful cookbooks! Over many years of research and work, she has gathered a wealth of information about what foods to avoid and what foods to purchase, assemble and cook together —and eat.

Melissa has compressed all of that intricate complexity into wonderfully accessible content – she calls them Whole30 recipes! This, her work, is a massive benefit. You don’t have to duplicate her tens-of-thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears. And that’s not all; Whole30’s social media/community consistently highlights beautifully cooked and plated compliant meals, demonstrating that Whole30 eating is not only healthy and wholesome, but can be enjoyable and sustainable too.

So, why is “doing the Whole30 right” such a challenge? Debbie continued, saying,

“One of the biggest challenges most of my clients have is cooking.  Many don't cook.”

So, according to the coaches, Melissa’s statement “You didn’t do it right” means the following: (1) You didn’t effectively make the lifestyle change of COOKING whole food meals, and (2) You didn’t have whole food meals to EAT when away from your kitchen and on-the-go.

Your Biggest Fail

Bottom line, the biggest fail of your January Whole30 is that you either don’t cook, don’t like to cook, or you’ll be on-the-go without compliant Whole30 meals.

Understanding this is GREAT NEWS! You can prepare now and completely avoid the biggest Whole30 fail.

Let’s be frank … The Whole30 is a BIG COMMITMENT. Why? Because it’s about fundamentally changing your lifestyle…Making these changes is not a single event, but a process. And Whole30 is that process. A process you’re going to figure out on the go, while your life continues to happen.

That’s why a Whole30 coach can prove invaluable. They can advise, teach, share, and steer you through that 30-day process.

But they can’t cook or eat for you.

Cooking and eating is your work, your commitment, your Whole30. Your success is not only about your cooking performance. It’s about your eating performance too! Your successful Whole30 demands both.

After all, what happens on the days when cooking is not an option? Or when you are too tired to make another shopping list, go back to the store, bring your food home, read recipes, prep the food, and clean the dishes! (Oh, and don’t forget your beautiful Instagram photos!)

When your cooking performance falters, does that mean your Whole30 is doomed to failure?


If your cooking performance isn’t perfect, your eating performance still can be! With Elements Meals, you can maintain your commitment and discipline … and enjoy the freedom they bring … Especially when you’re on-the-go.

When Melissa Hartwig sat down to lunch with our founder, Stan Graham several months ago, she looked at him and said, “Stan, Elements Meals are Whole30 meals on-the-go. Let’s work together and help Whole30-ers.”

When we announced our partnership, Melissa stated, "Elements are THE MISSING LINK in Whole30 on-the-go meals."

Melissa nailed it!

Elements Meals are designed by high-performance athletes who understand the critical role whole foods play in fueling our bodies every day. Like you, we got fed-up with trying eat whole food meals when on-the-go. No matter how carefully we planned, life frequently compromised our planning.

Sound familiar?

With Elements Meals your eating performance can be perfect! Elements Meals help you maintain your commitment and discipline in the real world – the world that regularly disrespects your schedule and planning.

With Elements Meals, your grocery list, traveling, shopping, preparing, cooking, plating and cleaning are already done for you. Every Elements Meal is a hand-crafted, whole food meal, freeze dried so that with 1 cup of hot water and only 12 minutes, you’ll enjoy tasty Whole30 Compliant meals on-the go … anytime, anywhere.

You will love how our food is easy to carry, doesn’t spoil, and is proportioned to give your body the macronutrients it demands. You can keep your commitment and discipline perfect even when your schedule isn’t.

With Elements Meals, you’ll do your Whole30 right!

Todd Shipman, an accomplished endurance athlete and Whole30 Certified Coach, shared this with us:

As a Whole30 coach, being able to offer my clients Elements Meals makes everyone’s life easier. They make a world of a difference for helping people complete a successful Whole30 challenge. Simply put, there are no other products currently on the market that come close to what Elements has to offer. You don’t have to fail. You can choose to succeed now. Just carry two Elements meals with you every day and you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.”

We currently offer 3 Whole30 Approved meals. These are combined into several meal packs created especially for Whole30ers on-the-go. For a limited time, we are offering a 20% off coupon for your first purchase. Click here to see the options: Whole30 Meal Packs.

Below, you can view the nutritional information on our 3 Whole30 Approved meals:

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