Elements is "The Official Meal Pack of Spartan Agoge"!

We have joined forces with Spartan Races to become Spartan’s first ever food sponsor. This is epic news for Elements. SPARTAN EPIC!!!

This is literally a world-class designation and we’re beyond proud of this remarkable team achievement for so many reasons. First, Spartan is a global company and a global community, with 275 events in 40 countries and over 1.2 million racers in 2018.

Second, Spartan isn’t just a race or event company. It’s a frame of mind, a community, a philosophy, a way to train mentally and physically, a way of life. Being a Spartan is about aggressive self-mastery: personal accountability, mental toughness, grit, physical fitness, courage, learning, giving and more. To learn about the Spartan Code, click here.

Shared principles.

Third, Elements and Spartan share common governing principles. Spartan founder and CEO, Joe DeSena, has a goal of getting 100,000,000 people (yes, that’s the correct number, not a typo) live healthier, stronger lives: "I want to get people off the couch. Burn the couches."

Yeah, Joe, we’re down with that. Burn the couches! From the very inception of our relationship, when Mark Petersen (Spartan Endurance Director) tracked me down and introduced himself to me, we mutually acknowledged the powerful connections that Spartan and Elements share, including our relentless pursuit of developing unprecedented ways of helping others help themselves into truly better lives.

I’m blessed because Mark has truly become a good friend within the last few months. And this friendship has legs. Within minutes of meeting each other, Mark said, "Stan, I’ve been searching for over 6 years to find the appropriate nutrition for Spartans. I found it. Elements is it. I want Elements to be our official food."

That’s how our relationship started. Those first minutes are deeply etched in my mind and heart. Our teams accelerated from there. We believe in each other personally and organizationally. The bottom-line is that Spartan and Elements are both freakin’ game-changers. Our independent and mutual governing principles include choosing to help you become the game-changer of your own life, giving you exceptional tools that nobody else has.

Spartan Agoge.

Spartan’s Agoge Endurance Event is the toughest, most grueling, grit endurance event on earth, bar none. It is the summit of Spartan endurance experiences. To be chosen and designated as The Official Meal Pack for Spartan Agoge (pronounced aw-go-ghee) is a high honor indeed. Spartan has already distinguished themselves as a world-class partner. The whole Elements Team is truly humbled by this opportunity.


What I really want to share with you is this: While Elements Meals were chosen as the new standard for Spartan Agoge nutrition, before we had this honor, we were honored to be chosen by you.

At Elements, our Team is committed to make our game-changing meals according to our primary moving cause; to help you become the best version of you … and it all starts with food. We are here to bring you the most nutritious, edifying food you can buy. So, hey, as Joe deSena says, let’s Spartan Up!

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