Dietary Inflammatory Index and Its Importance

Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII). We are still verifying the DII for each Elements Meal. I apologize that it’s taking me longer to get this task accomplished. Being in Italy for the last week (and for the next three days) for my eldest son’s wedding changed my focus temporarily. I ask for your patience and a bit of leniency.

While I can’t publish those results for you today, I’ll briefly share with you why we care so much about the DII – and why you will care, too.

Research has shown that diet is associated with low-grade chronic, systemic inflammation among adults. Inflammation has been proven to be the most significant generator of dis-ease in the body. Its destructive spawn includes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, insulin resistance, depression, dementia, atherosclerosis, arthritis, thrombosis, to name a few.

The list is growing. Imagine solving and preventing these life destroyers by what you eat. It’s possible … very possible.

In fact, research has consistently shown that eating patterns modulate inflammation, i.e. what you eat directly affects systemic inflammation in your body. Indeed, the most recent research shows that an anti-inflammatory eating pattern is associated with lower inflammation.

Elements is at the forefront of making those possibilities … true realities. We’ll get the DII completed and published. Meanwhile, eat your Elements! (For some light reading on DII, click here: Article One, and Article Two).

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