• Diabetes and Elements Meals

    Diabetes and Elements Meals
    Elements Meals … good for Diabetics? Recently, someone posted an opinion to the Elements Meals Facebook page stating that our meals are “not good for diabetics”. It’s call out time.  I will not abide ignorance or fallacious statements, particularly when they are made in my crib about Elements Meals.
  • Our Response to the Sodium Question

    Our Response to the Sodium Question
    The truth about sodium.   Time for truth bombs about sodium, folks.  This is a deeper dive … more than a 2-minute read.  But I’m telling you … read the whole thing.  You will benefit by knowing this stuff.  We often get comments on social media like, “There's too much sodium in your meals!” and variations on that theme.  While I am all good with people communicating...
  • What is an empty calorie?

    What is an empty calorie?
    Recently, we had a potential customer on Facebook question the cost of our meals based on the amount of calories. Is this a worthy consideration? Let's discuss. What is an empty calorie?  Wait a minute … there are empty calories?  Aren’t all calories equal?  A calorie is a calorie, right?   Wrong.  The caloric measurement of food only tells us about the heat that a...
  • Saturated Fats Are Not Your Enemy

    Saturated Fats Are Not Your Enemy
    On Facebook recently, a potential customer made some comments about how Elements meals are "Unhealthy and full of saturated fats." I am grateful for her comments, because it demonstrates that institutional lies about fats and nutrition die hard. Her comments demonstrate that misunderstanding the importance of fats is still a thing and a topic worthy of discussion. Saturated fats … healthy or dangerous?  Saturated fats...
  • The Elements Story: Stan's White Hot Pain Leads to Discovery

    The idea for these meals emerged in 2015 when I was training to crush the world record in the Men’s 50+ mile run. That was an extremely difficult year for me. Divorce, single fatherhood, business travel … All heavy, responsibilities that were wearing me down. One of the ways I dealt with the adversity was by giving my Athlete full rein. My training was...
  • The Truth About Calories

    How much do YOU rely on calorie counting as you seek to live a healthy lifestyle? It's time you understood the limitations of doing so. So, buckle up.
  • New Meals Focus on “Inherent Fat" Meals

    Time to bring you closer in on this new Elements Meal … since we are producing this week and shipping early next week! (We had last minute and unforeseeable USDA hoops to jump through … they’re such a delight to work with … uh, right).
  • Announcing a Whole30 Partnership

    NEWS FLASH -- World-class partnership. On July 25, Whole30 and Elements announced a new partnership.
  • Steven I Inspired Me

    Steven I: Here’s the rest of the story. Steven, from Washington state, sent me the following after he read my last 2-Minute Tuesday email
  • Brianna Proctor Is Inspiring Me

    Brianna Proctor. Bri, as she is called by her friends, is a Wildland Firefighter and has been for 13 seasons. I had the opportunity to catch up with her last week and learn a little about her remarkable life.
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