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Elements Meals Glycemic Index

Elements Meals Glycemic Index (GI) Completed. Last week I shared with you how we have been “cooking up” the GI on every Elements Meal. That work is done and here they are: Balsamic Chicken Pomodoro...……… 46 Broccoli Cinnamon Pork……….……...45 Maple Mustard...

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What is Glycemic Load?

Elements Meals Glycemic Load (GL) Completed. I promised to deliver the GL for each Elements Meal this week. Well, we have them for you. But first, a few words. If you read nutrition science and health research, you know that GL can be an exceptional help to regulating...

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Elements is “The Official Meal Pack of Spartan Agoge”!

We have joined forces with Spartan Races to become Spartan’s first ever food sponsor. This is epic news for Elements. SPARTAN EPIC!!! This is literally a world-class designation and we’re beyond proud of this remarkable team achievement for so many reasons. First,...

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Dietary Inflammatory Index and Its Importance

Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII). We are still verifying the DII for each Elements Meal. I apologize that it’s taking me longer to get this task accomplished. Being in Italy for the last week (and for the next three days) for my eldest son’s wedding changed my focus...

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Sustainable Eating Patterns

Linking Sustainability to the Healthy Eating Patterns of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans: A modelling Study. Last week I opened the can to this study and promised further explanation. Here we go. Since all whole foods come from our earth, with major solar,...

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Elements | The Nutritional Game-Changer

Elements recently announced a partnership with Whole30. In the announcement, Melissa Hartwig, Whole30's Co-Founder made the following statement: “Elements are THE missing link in Whole30 on-the-go- meals. They’re totally portable, won’t spoil, and can be whipped up in...

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Chris Spealler

7x CrossFit Games Individual Competitor


“Meal prep takes too much time, yet my body still needs nutrition. Elements feeds the beast!”

Melissa Hartwig

Whole30 Founder


“One of the biggest pain points of the people I coach is how to keep their macros on track when away from home. Elements makes it easy!”

Slade Heathcott

Former New York Yankees Outfielder


“This stuff is good enough to eat dry!”

Charlie Engle

Ultramarathon Runner


“Elements’ vegetarian meals power and fuel my body during my runs.  Elements is at the forefront  in the intersection of food science and nature.”