The New Year is here and you are gearing up for your 2018 health/fitness/food goals. So are we. 

In fact, we decided (as a team) we wanted to do something together AND something we’ve never done before because, well, we’ve never been where we are, with you, and with our meals. So, we’re going to eat #30mealsfor30days

That’s right. We’ve even hashtagged it because we want you to do it, too. Why? Because we know you’re going to dive into your health/fitness/food goals and you’ll need clean, easy-to-prep, macronutrient dense food to keep you fueled. 
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The only way to get MORE nutrition, is to grow it yourself. 
And ELEMENTS don’t spoil. See what we mean.
So here’s how ELEMENTS #30mealsfor30days works:

Starting January 15th, integrate 1 ELEMENTS meal into your daily routine for 30 consecutive days. Eat your other food, too. Whatever you’re eating. Just make sure one of them is an ELEMENTS meal. Download our printable calendar tracker below. 

Share an image (or a video) of you holding, rehydrating, tossing, eating, selfying (is that a term?) with the meal and then add it to your Instagram FEED (or STORIES) with #30mealsfor30days and @getyourelements. If you don’t have an IG account, you can also make a Facebook post and tag us in your photo/video.

We will tally how many times you participate from January 15th until February 15th. The top 5 participants will win a 10-Pack from ELEMENTS! ($120 value.) We’ll also ask you to share what your body experienced using our meals with our tribe. 

If you don’t have 30 meals on hand, we have extended our Kickstarter Early Bird pricing until January 10th for you to get your supplies. ($89 per 10 pack.) Click the order button below to enhance your supply.

To help you stay on track, invite a friend to eat #30mealsfor30days with you.

That’s it. We know adding one ELEMENTS meal/day to your normal routine is just enough disruption to experience some beneficial health results over the course of a month. What will they be? We want you to let us know, but we can say with a degree of certainty the results will be VERY POSITIVE. 
Join us on January 15th! 
Make sure you stock up on Elements Meals for the 30-Day Challenge:
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